Leeds East Academy

Principal's Update

Dear Parent / Carer,

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

As you will be aware, before the Christmas break Leeds East Academy held interviews for a new Principal in which I applied and was successful. This letter is therefore my first to you as the new Principal of the school. As I am sure you can imagine, I am absolutely delighted to have been entrusted with our school and the education and welfare of your children. It is without doubt the case that my job exists to ensure that your child has a successful and enjoyable school experience, and that they leave us with excellent GCSEs at the end of Year 11.

With this in mind and the security of being the full Principal of the school, I am now able to continue my school improvement plans which this week will again involve the recruitment of new English, Maths and Science colleagues into the school. This next round of recruitment will focus on ensuring that class sizes in our core subject areas are reduced significantly in all year groups by September 2017 and will hopefully see us recruit the very best teachers into the school, delivering exceptional lessons to our students.

Running alongside this, over the coming weeks and months I will be introducing a new curriculum model to the school that will give students additional lessons of English, Maths and Science in all year groups. The importance of these subjects cannot be underestimated and I am very clear that I will not be satisfied until all of our students leave us with excellent results (Grade 5+) in all three of these subject areas. This new curriculum model has been piloted with Year 11 over the last few months and has seen extraordinary improvements in predicted grades for students. As a result, it will now be rolled out to Year 9 and 10 in the coming weeks.

As a final note this week, I am thrilled to welcome our seven new colleagues to the school. With roles ranging from Assistant Principal and Lead Practitioner, to Learning Mentor and High School Leader, we have been fortunate to recruit such a highly talented group of staff into the Academy and after the long wait (since October half term!) we are now already enjoying the benefits of having these new staff in school with us. I am sure you will join me in wishing these colleagues all the best in their new roles here with us at Leeds East Academy.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Stokes



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